Right Now is the Best Time to Book Your Holiday Travel


If you have been thinking of a winter vacation, now is the time to book.

According to two separate reports, this is the best time to look for affordable flights ahead of the holiday season.

Airline fares will fluctuate after early October and then begin climbing steadily as Christmas approaches. According to airfare prediction app Hopper, prices spike dramatically in the last two weeks leading up to the December holiday.

Hopper said that it would cost you around $1 more every day, on average, if you choose to wait until after Halloween to book your flight.

According to a report by CheapAir.com, which keeps track of more than 3.6 million airfares and 11,000 itineraries per day over the holiday season, the average domestic fare for flights for Christmas and New Year is $404 currently; below the price of $408 last week and $429 last month,

Airfare for Thanksgiving, on average, is currently at $425, up from previous weeks.

The cheapest days to fly

If you have flexible plans, you can save a lot of money by avoiding peak travel days.

For instance, CheapAir discovered that flying home from Thanksgiving on Monday instead of Sunday, which is the busiest travel day of the year, will save you $88, on average,

Likewise, you can save around $50 per ticket if you fly on Christmas Day instead of booking a flight on Friday, December 22.

If you can take a longer trip, and choose to spend more time with family, leaving on Wednesday, December 20 and coming back one week later will be the most affordable.