Robo-advice Set to Become One of the Leading Financial Technologies of the World


With this market anticipated to improve dramatically for the next three years, it is said that in the United States alone robo-advisors will manage about 2 trillion dollars by 2020.

Established to create a ‘real breakthrough’ in the United Kingdom in 2017, this innovation has been extensively supported by the HM Treasury and the Financial Conduct Authority, who have lately established new rules that are aimed at promoting robo-advisors as part of their bid to make financial advice more universally available.

Therefore, City & Financial Global is pleased to announce that it is arranging The UK Robo-Advice Forum on November 1, 2017, in central London.

The timely and highly-topical conference will help attendees understand how to make their robo-advice operations improve and become profitable, in the UK market and in the international arena.

Its interactive format will offer participants  an opportunity to engage in a diverse and well-informed dialogue between the UK regulator and representatives of the financial services c-suite, and to learn more regarding:

  • The role of the FCA in creating a proactive regulatory environment for the businesses that are offering a robo-advice service
  • The forecast for the robo-advisory market in the UK and beyond.
  • How The European Data Protection Regulation impact the robo-advice space when it comes into force in May 2018
  • The effect of automated investment services on the traditional wealth management business – will it pass mainstream investment and provide the customers with a better value for their money?
  • An overview of the principal attractions and challenges of using robo-advice platforms and how they can be made to be more customer-oriented. How can users can achieve clarity and transparency while communicating with their existing and potential customers?
  • Insights regarding the fully-automated robo-advice services and hybrid models that allow human involvement
  • The newest developments, which are expected to force robo-advisors to move beyond ETFs – how they will impact the future of the robo-advice market
  • The launch of Liability-Driven investment – how it will influence the pensions industry

The event programme can be viewed in full on the event website by visiting the City and Financial website; more speakers will be confirmed soon.