A Robot Passes the Medical Licensing Exam in China


Photo via Chinal Daily

A robot has recently passed the written part of the national medical licensing examination of China, making it the first machine to make such an achievement.

The robot that is called Xiao Yi scored 456 points in the test which is considered as the first step to becoming a doctor. The score was well over the passing mark of 360 points.

The machine was developed by Tsinghua University, and iFlytek, a Chinese tech company.

The company says that Xiao Yi can automatically capture and analyse patient information and present an initial diagnosis.

iFlytek says that the robot will not replace human doctors, but instead, the machine will be used to help boost efficiency.

“Rather than replacing doctors, AI is able to help doctors better serve patients. By studying the medical cases and diagnosis skills of top doctors in top hospitals in megacities in China, our doctor AI can serve as an assistant to help doctors in remote areas in the country,” The chairman of iFlyTek, Liu Qingfeng, informed South China Morning Post.

Xiao Yi is anticipated to be launched in March next year, as part of the effort o the country to make AI a key to healthcare which is in line with its national plan to build an AI-based industry that is worth a 1 trillion yuan (£115 billion) by 2030.

“General practitioners are in severe shortage in China’s rural areas.We hope AI can help more people access quality medical resources,” Liu told China Daily.