Rocket Lab To Launch its First Commercial Mission This April

Photo via Popular Mechanics

Rocket Lab, a launch company that is based in New Zealand, has had numerous successful test drives, and now it is ready for the real thing. This morning, the company announced that its first commercial launch is set to occur this April. The said launch window will open on the 20th of April and will last for 14 days. The Electron rocket will lift off from the Launch Complex 1 of Rocket Lab that is located on the Mahia peninsula in New Zealand.

The mission is called “It’s Business Time.” It is considered to be a cheeky change from the previous launches which were called “It’s a Test” and “Still Testing.” The launch will include payloads from Spire Global, which has a constellation of satellites that observes the Earth in low orbit, and an environmental data company called GeoOptics, Inc. Technically, the second launch of the company had commercial payloads. However, it was still a test flight.

Rocket Lab has recorded two successful tests for its Electron rocket; the last one was conducted only three months ago.

Peter Beck, the CEO of the company, stated: “We always set out to create a vehicle and launch site that could offer the world’s most frequent launch capability and we’re achieving that in record time.”

The company has been aggressively 3D printing some of the parts for the Rutherford engines, and it expects to be on a schedule of one launch every month by the end of this year.