Russia Dismisses Accusation That Diplomatic Mail was Used for Cocaine Traffic in Argentina


On Saturday, a foreign ministry spokesperson said that the diplomatic mail of Russia was not utilised for cocaine traffic in Argentina after the police were able to bust an international ring of drug smugglers.

The investigation began way back in 2016 when the Russian ambassador to Argentina informed local authorities that traffickers were attempting to move 16 bags of cocaine from the embassy in Buenos Aires via a diplomatic flight.

On social media, the spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry said that the information regarding smugglers making use of diplomatic mail “was not true.”

The investigation resulted in the arrest last Wednesday of a policeman from Argentina and another citizen that is also from the South American country.

Earlier this week, Patricia Bullrich, Argentina’s Security Minister, informed reporters that other people who were involved in the plot had also been arrested in Russia, while one of the leaders of the scheme was still on the run.

Zakharova said that the cocaine was intended to be delivered to Europe and belonged to a non-essential employer of the Russian embassy. She did not disclose if he was arrested.