Russia: The US has “Crossed the Line” by Arming Ukraine


Russia has struck out at the United States for providing weapons for the military of Ukraine. It said that the administration of Trump has “crossed the line.”

The deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, has released a statement accusing the United States of attempting to increase the casualties in the conflict with Ukraine.

In a statement that was posted on the website of the foreign ministry of Russia, Ryabkov stated: “Washington is trying to present itself as a mediator. It is not a mediator at all, it is an accomplice in fomenting a war.”

The said statement emerged after the United States described Russia as a “revisionist power” in the country’s new national security strategy.

The state department has revealed that the United States will provide Ukraine with “enhanced defensive capabilities.”

The Trump administration has not disclosed the kind of weapons that will be provided. However, media reports have implied the United States will be providing the Ukrainian military with Javelin anti-tank missiles.

“They have started talking about Javelin missile complexes ‘to begin with’. The question is: what’s next? American weapons can lead to new victims in our neighbouring country, to which we cannot remain indifferent,” added Ryabkov.