The Russian Navy could Cut Internet Cables Between the United States and Nato Nations Including the United Kingdom


A defence chief has warned that Russian submarines could potentially cut off communications cables between the United Kingdom and the United States.

The chief of the British defence staff, Sir Stuart Peach, said that Russian ships had been seen close to Atlantic cables which are crucial for the internet and international commerce.

Earlier this month, a report that was published by think tank Policy Exchange estimated that $10 trillion is transferred in transactions through the cables.

Speaking at the think-thank RUSI in London, Peach said that Russia had developed “unconventional” strategies for warfare. Forces from Russia have a precedent for cutting communications cables after it separated Crimea off from the outside world in order to join it.

Peach is reported to become the most senior Nato military officer in 2018 when he assumes the post of chairman of its military committee.

He warned that the United Kingdom and its allies should strengthen maritime forces in order to match Russian fleets.

Peach stated: “It is essential to our security that we sustain our posture as Russia modernises its forces and flexes its military muscles with a higher risk appetite to achieve its national interest.”