Russian Twitter Accounts Attempted to Help The Opposition in UK Election

Photo by Shawn Campbell from Flickr

According to new research, Russian Twitter accounts released messages that are aimed to support Labour party, the opposition party of the United Kingdom, in an attempt to influence British election of last year.

The research was made by The Sunday Times and Swansea University discovered that approximately 6,500 automated accounts sent some messages that were praising Jeremy Corbyn, the opposition Labour leader, and his policies during the closing periods of the UK election.

They also criticised Prime Minister Theresa May for declining to take part during the televised election debates and called her out for reducing police numbers in the wake of the bombing in Manchester.

The study discovered that nine out of 10 messages that were from the accounts regarding Labour supported the party. In contrast, nine out of 10 tweets regarding the Conservatives were said to be hostile.

In a statement, Matt Hancock, the culture minister said:  “These new revelations are extremely concerning.”

He added: “It is absolutely unacceptable for any nation to attempt to interfere in the democratic elections of another country.”

The government of the United Kingdom has accused Russia of meddling during elections across the globe and releasing fake stories in the media. However, it has denied that Russia has interfered during British elections successfully.