Ryanair Pilots In Ireland Express Support For Working Conditions Deal


The threat of more Ryanair strikes in Ireland has surfaced after pilots unanimously supported a deal towards the ending of a bitter row over work practices.

The pilots of Ryanair who were based in Ireland have voted to accept the deal of the airlineregarding its working conditions it was based in Ireland have voted unanimously

The agreement arrives after five days of industrial action that were started by pilots represented by Forsa, the trade union, and was suggested following 22 hours of discussion.

This summer, approximately 100 of the 350 Ryanair pilots based in Ireland went on strike regarding the working conditions including promotions, annual leave, and base transfer.

After the release of the agreement, the budget airline is scheduled to request its board to reconsider the decision to relocate six aircraft outside of Dublin.

A spokesperson for the airline stated: “We welcome this overwhelming vote in favour of this agreement negotiated with Forsa and our Irish pilots, with the assistance of mediator Kieran Mulvey,”

He added: “We will now bring this agreement to our board and will ask them to reconsider their decision to rebase six aircraft away from Dublin this winter. We expect that the board will meet to discuss this welcome development in the coming days.”

Also, the budget airline has said that its board will reconsider its warning to axed 300 jobs this winter if it meets in the coming days.

Independent mediator Kieran Mulvey, who chaired talks on the deal, said he expects the Ryanair board to withdraw the letters of the protective notice issued to staff.

The airline had threatened job cuts this winter when it moved aircraft to Poland.

The pilots mounted pickets during five strikes over the last two months, culminating in a stoppage with colleagues in four other countries on the same day.

The Irish Airline Pilots Association said 100pc of the pilots who voted did so in favour of the agreement.

A total of 250 directly employed and contracted pilots were balloted.

They backed the deal that was brokered at talks chaired by independent mediator Mr Mulvey last month.

An Ialpa spokesperson said the result shows that pilots see the agreement as the “first step” towards fairness for Ryanair pilots.

He said the agreement will also help the budget airline in recruiting and retaining pilots in future.

The pilots had demanded a better system to allocate holidays and decide base transfers and promotions.

They wanted this to be based on seniority, which is the length of time they are in their job.

It is understood that they achieved most of their demands on this issue, but compromised on issues relating to base transfers.

“In the light of this decision I now anticipate and expect that the board of Ryanair will now lift and withdraw the letters of protective notices issued to employees,” said Mr Mulvey.

“I wish to welcome the decision today by Fórsa/Ialpa to accept the terms of the mediated agreement with Ryanair.

Last Tuesday, the airline announced that it had cancelled 550 flights last August, and condemned 396 grounded flights on a 24-hour pilot strike.

The passengers on Ryanair flights will have to pack less baggage starting November, unless they are happy to pay a fee to store a 10kg baggage item in the hold, or as carry-on.

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