Sadiq Khan Criticised for More than Doubling the Pay of Night Czar Amy Lamé

    DIUS Corporate/Flickr

    Sadiq Khan was taken to task on Thursday for increasing the pay of Amy Lamé, his Night Czar, even though she is still to meet with all of the boroughs of London.

    On Thursday afternoon, the mayor was quizzed by Susan Hall, a London Assembly member, who said that Lamé had only met with 18 out of the 32 boroughs of London during her time in office. Lamé has only operated five night surgeries.

    In September, the pay of Lamé was more than doubled to £75,000. She previously worked for two and a half days per week for £35,000, and she is now a full-time employee.

    However, City Hall Conservatives have been outraged by the news that Lamé has also taken on another job, taking the place of Jarvis Cocker on his show on BBC Radio 6.

    They have also criticised Lamé’s failure to reduce the pace of pub closures around the capital. According to data from the Campaign for Real Ale, 139 pubs have shut down in 2017, an increase from 130 in the last year.

    Talking to Khan at the question time of the mayor, Hall stated: “I would have thought your Night Czar would have wanted to meet all of the boroughs.”

    Khan answered by saying that Lamé was meeting as many community leaders as possible, saying that her list of meetings was “a very long list.”