Sainsbury’s Slash Diesel and Petrol Prices in Line with Black Friday

© Copyright Roger Cornfoot

Black Friday has taken hold of the United Kingdom massively – and currently, it is extending even to the petrol pumps.

From November 25, Sainsbury’s is slashing the price of diesel and unleaded petrol by a maximum of 2 pence per litre across the company’s 311 forecourts.

And while the deal is offered tomorrow, the supermarket said that it was a “Black Friday bonus.”

The move comes as the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced a freeze on fuel duty in the Autumn Budget that was delivered earlier this week. Hammond stated: “Since 2010, we will have saved the average car driver £850, and the average van driver over £2,100, compared to Labour’s escalator plans.”

The said price cut also comes a week after the AA released data revealing that petrol prices in the United Kingdom had reached a three-year high, rising to an average of 120.5p per litre. The numbers also revealed a substantial gap between pump prices at supermarkets and non-supermarkets of 5.3p per litre, the largest since December of 2015.

Sainsbury’s operates 311 forecourts across the United Kingdom. The company’s fuel buying manager, Izzy Hexter, stated: “This is a Black Friday bonus for our customers and great news as people are trying to balance their budgets in the run-up to Christmas.”