Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unveiled


In a return after the recall of last year’s Galaxy Note 7, which cost billions of dollars for the company, Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Note 8.

The new Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3-inch “infinity display” that goes around the edges of the phone. It also includes a new feature called Bixby voice assistant which is a virtual aide that was launched in the United Kingdom yesterday. The new smartphone comes with an S-pen stylus, which can be used to take notes even when the phone’s screen is off.

With Note 8’s release, the Korean electronics giant, Samsung, hopes to regain the reputation of the Galaxy Note series. It can be remembered that the company was forced to recall the Note 7 smartphone in 2016 after a fault in its battery led devices to overheat and caused some handsets to burst into flames.

Note 8 best features

The Note 8 is the first Samsung model to come with a dual camera lens, a technology already introduced by the iPhone 7 Plus and numerous Android challengers. It includes 12MP cameras on the back of the handset, which will let users zoom further and create depth effects.

The smartphone also introduces Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, their response to Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Bixby can be activated using voice control responding to both the wake phrase “Hi Bixby and when the home button intended to Bixby is held down.


“Because it is controlled through the phone it is secure to the user,” said the head of Samsung UK, Conor Pierce, “it is not just sitting in the corner of the room listening to you.”

Pierce also said that the Samsung brand has “never been in better shape” in the United Kingdom, where the company unveiled its Bixby voice control last Tuesday.

Rising from the Note 7 ashes

In spite of the challenges that the Note brand needed to address and after the arrest of the company’s de facto head in Korea, Lee Jae-Yong, earlier n 2017, the Note 8 has been uplifted by the recent success of the Galaxy S8  after a sale of around 20 million units.

“Last year was very tough for us, so with the new Note 8 we have been re-engaging with our audience,” Pierce said.

Note 8’s launch happened a few weeks before Samsung’s competitor, Apple, is set to unveil the much-awaited iPhone 8, another handset model aimed at the prime end of the smartphone market.