Samsung Galaxy S9 Not Likely to be Launched at the CES 2018


    Samsung seems to have changed its mind regarding the schedule of the launch of the Galaxy S9.

    The smartphone was heavily rumoured to be featured at the CES in January 2018.

    However, it now appears that the handset would not be shown off at the tech trade show in Las Vegas after all.

    As reported by a spokesperson for the company, Korea Herald, has reacted to the rumours by stating: “It is unlikely.”

    A launch in January for Samsung’s S9 would have been an early reveal compared to earlier Galaxy phones.

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 of this year was revealed at the end of March, and it was made available in the United Kingdom on the 28th of April.

    Samsung’s new Galaxy phone is believed to be an ‘incremental’ update to the Samsung S8, offering a considerably similar design. However, it will have improved features.

    The Samsung S9 is anticipated to transfer the fingerprint sensor to a new spot just below the back camera of the smartphone.

    The bigger S9+ is believed to include a dual backwards-facing camera, and it will feature a bigger RAM compared to the standard S9.

    No official statement has been made regarding the launch of the new phone.