Samsung introduces Bixby in the UK to rival Alexa and Siri


Bixby, a voice assistant introduced by Samsung, was made available in the United Kingdom a day before the launch of the company’s new smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8.

Korea’s tech giant has extended Bixby in 200 countries, raising the stakes against Apple and Amazon in their battle to dominate the voice assistant market. Samsung’s smart aide is now made available to millions of users of the Galaxy S8 smartphone, the company’s current flagship.

Bixby was unveiled last March and was only made available in Korea. But last July, an English version of the voice assistant was later introduced in the United States.

Currently, Bixby is only available on the Galaxy S8 and is activated by updating the application.

The users can quickly engage Bixby to aide them simply by saying “Hi Bixby”, or by pressing down a Bixby button on the side of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The voice assistant can be used to execute numerous actions using voice commands that usually requires several applications and clicks. Users can activate the do-not-disturb function and set the alarm by saying “good night”.

It can also perform tasks such as responding to voice commands while driving and taking selfies and sharing the pictures on social media.

The voice assistant’s global expansion comes as the tech giant is preparing for the launch of its Galaxy Note 8. It has been a tense period for the firm’s reputation the botched release of the Galaxy Note 7 in 2017.

There was a worldwide recall after a fault with the Note 7’s battery was discovered which cost Samsung billions of dollars. Around 2.5 million units of the Note 7 were sold ahead of the recall.

In a twitter post earlier this month, Samsung teased the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone under the tag line “do bigger things.” The Galaxy Note phones include a powerful camera, large “infinity” displays, and a stylus pen.

The smartphone’s release comes a few weeks ahead of the Apple’s iPhone 8 launch which is anticipated to happen later this year. Apple’s latest iPhone is said to feature wireless charging, an OLED screen, and it will have no home button.