Shadow Labour Minister Allegedly Threatens To Hit Journalist With A Bat


Allegedly, Kate Osamor, a Labour frontbencher, threatened a journalist with a bat last night after she was doorstepped in relation to the drug case of her son.

Osamor is 50 years old. She is the MP for Edmonton and the shadow secretary of state for international development. She allegedly told the journalist to f*ck off, threatened to hit him with a bat and threw a bucket of water at him.

The journalist was from The Times. He was approaching her for comment in relation to the reports that she had misled the public over her knowledge of the arrest of her son.

In the newspaper’s report, she allegedly said that she “should have come down here with a bat and smashed your face in.”.

Ishmael Osamor, her son, is 29 years old. She employs him in her parliamentary office. He was arrested for drug possession at the Bestival music festival that was held in Dorset last year.

Officials of the Labour Party had said that Kate Osamor knew nothing of his arrest until he was sentenced last October.

However, it has now surfaced that Kate Osamor had written a letter to the judge that is handling the said case, requesting for leniency and describing his remorse.

Ishmael Osamor was caught with a stash of ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine and cannabis that are collectively worth £2,500-worth at the festival in Dorset in August last year.

Subsequently, he was elected to the Haringey Council where he held a cabinet position.

Last October, he was sentenced to a two-year community order and 20 days rehabilitation. Reportedly, the judge told him that he was “very lucky” not to receive a custodial sentence.

He subsequently stepped down from his position on Haringey council and resigned as a councilor, however, he continued his role as the chief-of-staff of his mother.

Kate Osamor is considered as a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party who nominated Martha Osamor, her mother, for a life peerage last May.