Shares of Japan Display Plunge as Apple is Set To Use OLED iPhone Screens with New iOS releases and HomePod


Reportedly, Apple has shifted towards the use of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens in all three of its new models of the iPhone that are planned for 2019, while also launching the latest version of iOS 11.4, its iOS software, and the new international market locations for the HomePod speaker.

The said announcement was revealed today by Electronic Times of South Korea. It has sent the share prices of one of the main suppliers of Apple for liquid crystal display (LCD) screens of the iPhone plunging to a record low, as Japan Display has slipped behind during recent months amidst the plans on OLED production.

As of the end of the trading this morning, the stock of Japan Display was down by 10.1 percent at a market value of around ¥ 104bn (£724.5bn). However, it fell as much as 21 percent after the said news broke. Meanwhile, the shares in LG Display grew by 5 percent.

The report noted various unnamed sources from the industry in explaining the decision of Apple to include OLED panels in its next three iPhone models, while the representatives from both Japan Display and Apple in South Korea declined to give a comment regarding the news.

Meanwhile, Apple is set to release iOS 11.4, its most recent version of its iPhone and iPad software which will add syncing and storage support across all of its devices for its Messages feature in iCloud, as well as some more new features.

The said update will most prominently include AirPlay 2, which will enable users to stream audio in their homes to various devices, and has a support for stereo pairing for its HomePod speaker. This suggests that users could request Siri to play one song in their living room, while concurrently playing another song in their bathroom, both on another iOS device or different HomePod speakers.

Some speaker companies have already lined up to support the AirPlay 2, including Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Pioneer, Sonos, and Bower & Wilkins, among others.

HomePod will also be launched to more key markets in June, arriving in France, Germany, and Canada. This takes the availability of the speaker to up to six countries, including the UK, Australia, and the US.