Sign Displayed Outside Fishery in Oxfordshire Removed Following Outcry

Santeri Viinamäki [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

A sign that said, “no Polish fisherman” that was displayed outside a fishery in Oxfordshire has been removed.

Field Farm fisheries’ Billy Evans said that the sign was placed after he was informed that “Poles or somebody” were stealing the fish.

The sign, which triggered a backlash from the public, was pulled down eventually.

Evan informed BBC: “The sign has been removed because of threats to my family.

“I am not in the country. I will decide what to do on my return. I may close it to all public long-term.”

However, Evans stated that he would continue to “stand up” for what he believes in.

Evan added: “I do not tolerate thieves, wherever they come from.

“I will stand up for what I believe in. If they want to call me a racist for stopping thieves coming on to my property, then that’s what they’ll do.”

The Guardian reported that Evans could face legal action because of the said sign and the Equality and Human Rights Commission had stated that the sign was unlawful.

Rado Papiewski, a Polish fisherman, had started a crowdfunding page for a lawsuit against Evans and has raised over £10,000.

Papiewski, who works for the Angling Trust stated: “Recently I came across a very disturbing and discriminatory sign that said ‘No Polish or Eastern Bloc fishermen allowed’.

“The sign was displayed at a private fishery, which made many fellow law-abiding migrant anglers and me very upset and angry.

“This disturbing sign should have never been displayed as it clearly discriminates against people from Poland and other Eastern European countries.”