Sir Nick Clegg Named Chairman of An On-Demand Social Care Startup

    Photo via The Times

    Sir Nick Clegg has been named as the chairman of the advisory board of a homecare startup that was founded by a former doctor of NHS.

    Clegg is not the chairman of the board of Cera. Cera was established by Mahiben Maruthappu in an attempt to help in tackling the crisis on social care.

    The said startup uses technology to match up those that need care with an experienced carer. It has partnered with the NHS to offer on-demand social care across the United Kingdom, and the firm says that it has racked an up growth of 25 percent month-on-month.

    Clegg stated: “The country faces huge challenges in the funding and provision of social care, and it is clear that fresh and innovative thinking is required to meet them.

    “We are only just beginning to see the potential of technology in public services, and I am enormously excited by the work that Cera is doing – particularly through the use of artificial intelligence – in this area.”

    The Former Deputy Prime Minister disclosed that he was particularly drawn to the company because of the way that it has helped decrease the number of elderly clients who end up in hospital.

    He added: “Far too many vulnerable elderly people languish in hospital beds when they could be looked after better in their own home or in residential settings.”

    This year, Clegg was named in the New Year Honours list to receive a knighthood. He chaired his first advisory board meeting on the 28th of February.

    Previously, the social care startup has partnered with the likes of Uber, with its drivers being trained to transport non-emergency patients around and enable the carers of Cera that are based in London to utilise Uber to get to those that they are caring for as quickly as possible.

    The company has also teamed up with Gett, an on-demand black cab app, to deliver over-the-counter medicines and other necessary items to elderly patients, and help keep people out of the hospital.

    Presently, Cera serves the Home Counties and London, with plans to rollout expansion to three more cities in 2018.