Snapchat: iPhone Users Cannot Record Snaps Secretly Anymore


Snapchat will notify you when someone uses the new Screen Recording feature of iOS 11 to save your Snaps.

Last month, the newest version of the mobile software of Apple rolled out to iPhone users, and there has been a lot of concern and confusion around the new tool.

At first, Snapchat allowed users of the iOS 11 to secretly record the Snaps of other people, without the knowledge of the person who posted them.

That is different to the way the app handles regular screenshots, where users always receive a warning notification about.

Snapchat verified that was the case to Mashable.

However, the company said that it would correct this with a Snapchat update, though the person that is doing the recording would need to have downloaded it.

The update has been released, meaning Snapchat now notifies users every time their updates are recorded using the Screen Recording on iOS 11.

That is good news for users. However, it does not mean that they are safe to post anything that they want.

As has been the case constantly, everything can still be saved by someone else.

The only difference currently is that Snapchat will inform you when this happens, regardless of whether it is performed using the Screen Recording on iOS 11 or the regular screenshot feature of a phone.

As the company says on its support page: “Snapchatters who see your messages can always potentially save them, whether by taking a screenshot or by using some other image-capture technology (whether that be a separate piece of software, or even simply taking a photo of their screen with a second camera).”