Snapchat May Launch Own Version of The Boomerang Feature of Instagram


It seems like Snapchat may be adopting a feature that is from Instagram soon.

Currently, the app is said to be testing a new video feature that will allow its users to create looping Boomerang-style videos. The feature is called “bounce.” It is currently being tested in a beta version of the app. However, it is not available publicly as of writing.

Snapchat already allows its users to create looping videos. The said feature was added a year ago. However,  it does not quite produce Boomerang-like effects. As noted, Boomerang creates the looping effects by playing the clips forward and then backward.)

The new bounce feature will bring the version of Snapchat closer to the Boomerang feature of Instagram, though. It will appear alongside the other tools for video playback. With the use of a slider, the user may choose a part of the video to “bounce.” The clip will then be able to play backward and forward in a loop, just like that of Boomerang.

A spokesperson for Snapchat confirmed that the app is currently testing the bounce feature with some of its users, however, he did not disclose when it might be launched more widely.

If and when the said feature launches, it would become an interesting reversal of roles as Instagram is known for copping some features from Snapchat constantly, not the other way around.

Lately, however, Snap has signaled that it is now ready to step up its efforts to compete with heightening pressure from Facebook. The firm recently launched its Snap Kit developer platform, which offers some similar functionality to the developer features of Facebook (such as the ability to log-in to apps with Snapchat). However, it introduced the functionality with a privacy-centric approach.