Software Provider to the Met Police has Been Acquired for £475m by a Japanese Conglomerate

PC Matt Hone (CC BY-SA 4.0) via Wikimedia Commons

A software provider to the police forces of the United Kingdom and the NHS, Northgate Public Services (NPS), has been acquired by a Japanese conglomerate for £475m.

The NEC of Japan, which has activities that span from airport services to sensors, snapped up the business after being able to identify “significant growth opportunities in the UK and Australia” where the NPS operates.

The said deal involves no job cuts. It will also allow NPS access to the biometric scanning and facial recognition technology of the NEC.

NPS was acquired from Cinven, a private equity house. It screens over 60 percent of the 999 calls and helps the NHS in detecting hearing loss in babies with the use of its IT systems.

NEC had failed in the bidding process for yet another similar asset, so it made a pre-emptive approach to Cinven for the NPS.

Conglomerates from other countries are often perceived to make slow buyers, because of their cultural differences and internal bureaucracy. However, the said deal closed within 80 days of the approach of NEC– notwithstanding the fact that it had over 100 intermediaries and advisers working on the said deal, and it was particularly thorough in the number of questions that it asked.