Soros Foundation Slams Facebook For ‘Smear Campaign’


Reportedly, Facebook, the social media giant, has severed its ties with a public relations company that allegedly linked its left-wing critics to George Soros, a billionaire from the United States of America.

An explosive investigation that was published by the New York Times, based on interviews with more than 50 sources on the firm, revealed that Facebook had employed a Republican PR company called Definers in order to discredit activist protestors, in part by linking them to Soros. It painted an ugly picture of how the leadership team of Facebook responded to the growing pressure over election interference, in the wake of the Kremlin ads scandal of 2016, including by engaging an external company to lobby aggressively on its behalf.

The Open Society Foundation is backed by Soros. Today, it published an open letter that was addressed to Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. It expressed its shock at the “smear campaign” of Facebook against Soros.

Patrick Gaspard, the president of the society, wrote: “There is a concerted right-wing effort the world over to demonise Mr Soros and his foundations… You are no doubt also aware that much of this hateful and blatantly false and Anti-Semitic information is spread by Facebook.”

He added: “It’s been disappointing to see how you failed to monitor hate and misinformation on Facebook’s platform. To now learn that you are active in promoting these distortions is beyond the pale.”

Soros is a Liberal donor that is considered as a hate figure on the right across the globe, with figures such as Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister; Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader; and Matteo Salvini, the Italian deputy prime minister; all lining up to criticise him.

Soros was a recent target of the alleged parcel bomber in the United States. He is also regularly seen at the centre of Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Reportedly, Facebook has cut its connections with Definers in the aftermath of the New York Times piece.

Both Definers and Facebook were contacted for comment regarding the matter.