SpaceX Can Be Used By Tesla to Manage Huge Amount of Self-driving Car Data

Photo by OnInnovation from Flickr

An analyst says that Tesla could make use of a broadband network that is provided by SpaceX to be able to securely manage the huge amount of data that is required to manage autonomous cars.

Adam Jonas, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, said in a note that was sent on Friday that extremely huge amounts of data are produced and consumed by autonomous cars. As an example, he estimates that self-driving vehicles could produce 40 terabytes of data within one hour. The self-driving cars of today transmit around 500 times the amount of data as a standard smartphone contract.

Jonas stated: “How will Tesla manage such a large quantity of data?

“In our opinion, leveraging the broadband network provided by its very own sister company seems like a plausible answer.”

Thus, Tesla could become a “captive customer” for SpaceX. Apparently, SpaceX is already developing a broadband network that uses satellites.

Whether or not Tesla could achieve full-self driving technology remains to be an open question. However, it is already furnishing every car it makes with a hardware that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, says is enough for full autonomy, and Musk has said that cars will eventually be capable of fully self-driving via software upgrades.