Spokesperson: PM May Still Has ‘More Work To Do’ To Secure Brexit Deal With The Bloc


A spokesperson for Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has said that the British Prime Minister still has “more work to do” in order to secure assurances on the exit of Britain from the European Union before the next parliamentary debate.

Reportedly, May have spoken to the leaders of the European Union over the Christmas period regarding some reassurances on the Brexit deal, particularly on the so-called Irish backstop, which is an insurance policy that is aimed to avoid a hard border between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The spokesperson informed reporters: “There’s still more work to do. The PM is absolutely focused on doing that in the lead up to the vote itself.”

A debate is scheduled to be held on the withdrawal agreement on the 14th of January, after it has been postponed since before the Christmas recess to the outrage of many MPs on both sides of the house.

PM May admitted that if the debate gone ahead last December as originally planned, the deal would have been struck down.

Today, Arlene Foster, the leader of the DUP, said that while her party still expects some changes to be made to the current withdrawal agreement, it will be working with the government in order to “achieve a better deal.”

Foster stated: “For our part, we want to leave with a sensible deal which works for the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland in particular but also our neighbours in the Republic of Ireland.”

She added: “We want an orderly exit which implements the referendum result.”

The DUP leader continued: “We have been consistent throughout the negotiations that Great Britain is Northern Ireland’s main market therefore, any deal which will undermine the economic or constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom single market, will not have DUP support.”