State Of Emergency Declared By Italy After A Bridge Collapsed


On Wednesday, a 12-month state of emergency was declared by Giuseppe Conte, the Prime Minister of Italy, in the Liguria region over the collapse of a bridge in Genoa last Tuesday. The said accident killed more than 30 people.

Last Tuesday, one of the major sections of the bridge partially collapsed. It sent many vehicles crashing toward the earth. Some abandoned vehicles remained on the span, with a truck being close to the edge. Some pieces of concrete are almost the height of a three-story building.

In an interview with RAI News 24, the state broadcaster, Emanuele Gissi, an engineer with the fire service of the country said that the search-and-rescue mission is anticipated to last for days. Gissi disclosed that several people are still missing. He added that several teams with rescue dogs are helping with the effort.

The head of the Italian Civil Protection Agency, Angelo Borrelli, stated that approximately 30 vehicles and various heavy-duty trucks were found on the affected section of the Morandi Bridge. The bridge lies to the west of the port city of Genoa when it gave way.

Genoa officials declared two days of mourning after the incident.

The Italian government also agreed to allocate an initial €5 million towards the emergency operations that are being conducted in the area. It includes giving some assistance to the displaced families and to clear the rubble.

The collapse of the bridge has raised broader questions and criticism regarding the ageing infrastructure of the country.

In a statement that was released from the interior ministry, Conte requested for an update regarding how the country monitors its infrastructure that was built decades ago, in order to adequately guarantee the safety on the roads of Italy.

The police said that violent storms were partly to blame for the said disaster. according to Autostrade, a motorway operator, maintenance work also was underway during the time to consolidate parts of the bridge. In a statement, the operator said that a bridge crane had been installed to allow the work to be carried out.