Steve Jobs Remembered by Tim Cook in Heartfelt Commencement Speech

    Photo by iphonedigital from Flickr

    Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, turned to a familiar source when it came to giving some advice to the class of 2018.

    While delivering a speech during the commencement ceremony at Duke University, the Apple CEO encouraged the students that were in attendance to learn from the example that was set by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.

    Echoing the words of the famous marketing campaign of Apple, Cook stated:”No big challenge has ever been solved, and no lasting improvement has ever been achieved unless people dare to try something different, dare to think different.”

    He added: “I was lucky to learn from someone who believed this deeply, someone who knew that changing the world started with following a vision, not a path.

    “Steve’s vision was that great ideas come from a restless refusal to accept things as they are.”

    The top executive of Apple also used the speech as a chance to, once again, subtly diss all the tech firms that do not respect the privacy of users(ie, Facebook).

    He stated: “We reject the excuse that getting the most out of technology means trading away your right to privacy,” he said. “So we choose a different path, collecting as little of your data as possible, being thoughtful and respectful when it’s our care because we know it belongs to you.”

    During the wide-ranging speech, privacy was not the only issue of the day that Cook referenced. He also talked about climate change (which, included yet another connection for Apple), the #metoo movement, gun violence, and the “deep inequality” that is experienced by many Americans.

    He ended with a call for graduating students to “find your fearlessness.”

    Cook said: “If you hope to change the world, you must find your fearlessness.

    “Fearlessness means taking the first step even if you’re not sure where it will take you.”