Store App of Windows 10’s May Begin Selling Hardware


Not long ago, when the app portal of Windows 10 was renamed the Microsoft Store, it resulted to people scratching their heads: why change the name of a portal that heavily revolves around apps? Apparently, it is because it might not exclusively revolve around software.

Walking Cat, a frequent code diver has uncovered a hidden “Shop Surface” section of the Microsoft Store app that includes Surface PCs and their accessories. Users could easily shop for a Surface Pro even without ever firing up a web browser.

Reporters have asked Microsoft if it can determine whether or not this hardware store will reach the public anytime soon. There is no guarantee; however, it is clear that the Redmond crew has at least been pondering about it. Why include code for a Surface section if users do not intend to use it? This looks to be part of a wider strategy that will make use of the Microsoft Store app to offer products of all types, including hardware — as long as users do not need music.

This is an abrupt contrast with Apple, which continues to have a separate app and hardware stores and actually displaced mobile app browsing on the desktop. Where Apple is backing away from a consolidation, Microsoft believes that users want more of it.