Strip Club in Las Vegas Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment


In Las Vegas, a cryptocurrency strip club has opened its doors where its dancers are tattooed with QR codes temporarily so that they can be paid in bitcoin.

A martial arts trainer named Nick Blomgrem opened a strip club called “The Legends Room.” He came up with the idea of opening a strip club that accepts cryptocurrencies so that customers can keep their visits to the club secret from their partners.

Blomgren is also a businessman who had cryptocurrency on his radar. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies in which encryption techniques are utilised in order to regulate the creation of units of currency and verify the fund transfers. It operates independently of a central bank.

Currently, it is the only strip club in the city that accepts bitcoin payments, something that Blomgren claims is a huge draw for customers.

“We came up with an idea probably about a year and a half ago of how we could turn this bitcoin into something,” Blomgren stated. “So we were brainstorming. First, we were thinking about a fight company because I own a mixed martial arts gym.”

However, after throwing out idea after idea, Blomgren stated that there was one idea that really stood out from the rest.

“I was like well that would work better in a strip club,” stated Blomgren.

The said decision is how the Legends Room was born in 2017.

Those who already own cryptocurrencies can pay by simply scanning barcodes from the bodies of the dancers. The customers of the club can still pay via normal transactions.

However, the customers who do choose to pay via cryptocurrencies will receive a discount amounting to 20 percent.

Blomgren informed LasVegasNow: “It’s the best place to spend it if you don’t want your wife to know or you don’t want your boyfriend to know.”

According to Brenna Sparks, a dancer at the said club, the unique payment option is widely popular, and the majority of her customers pay via bitcoin regularly.

Sparks added that being paid via cryptocurrency could also benefit adults who are working in the entertainment industry as it would have their payments encrypted.

Summer Chase, an adult entertainment worker, stated: “I’m not going to name names, but there are certain banks that… will shut down your account and actually deny you from having an account because we work in the adult entertainment industry.”

The Legends Room introduced its own cryptocurrency that is called LGD.

Blomgren explained: “In the beginning, it was like a lot of bitcoin guys came in, a lot of LGD members came in and wanted to use their LGD to see if they can buy anything here at the club because nobody really thought that the club existed in the beginning.”

He added: “So now it’s, it’s become like curiosity. Let’s go down there and see if we can use our cryptocurrency.”