Support for Labour is Increasing Again

    Photo by Garry Knight from Flickr

    Support for the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn, its leader, is rising again, as a fresh poll gave the party a lead of seven points over the Conservatives.

    A Survation poll that was commissioned by GMB, a trade union, which was seen via PoliticsHome, places Labour on 44 percent — a point that is higher compared to its previous standing — while the Conservatives fell by three points to 37 percent.

    The results of the Survation / GMB poll are as follows:

    Labour: 44%
    Conservative: 37%
    Liberal Democrats: 9%
    SNP: 3%
    UKIP: 3%
    Greens: 2%

    Half of the people who participated in the poll also believe that the United Kingdom will slide back into recession within the next few years.

    Up until now, the two parties have been neck-and-neck in the national polls.

    Trust in the pollsters has been low due to the failure of the majority to predict the outcome of the vote on Brexit. However, Survation was considered to be one of the most accurate polling firms during the general election in 2017.

    The numbers emerge as the Conservatives experience a wipeout in the upcoming local elections that is scheduled in May.

    A survey that was conducted last week by Lord Ashcroft discovered that voters in London did not believe the promises of Tory of being able to spend less while still being able to offer local services. Brandon Lewis, the party chairman, said that retaining seats in the capital would be “challenging” — and it is possible that the anti-Tory trend in London could stretch to other large cities in the United Kingdom.