After Suspending Studio Head, Amazon Postpones Prime Video Showcase


More companies are dealing with the unacceptable behaviour of their executives. According to a report, Amazon is cancelling a Prime Video showcase that was scheduled in Europe next week and was said to headlined by Roy Price, the disgraced chief of Amazon Studios. Both decisions come as a result of the Harvey Weinstein debacle, which has raised important awareness of the widespread sexual harassment that is perpetrated by powerful men in the entertainment industry.

According to reports, Amazon sent a short statement to people that were invited to the showcase which says: “We wanted to let you know that the planned European Prime Video autumn season showcase and party in London next week have been postponed.” Amazon intended to unveil new footage from various upcoming series and current shows at the event. No other information was given.

Price has been suspended for allegations of harassment towards Issa Hackett, the daughter of Phillip K Dick, the late sci-fi author. She is also a producer on both Amazon-led television shows using the work of her father. In an interview, she revealed with The Hollywood Reporter that Price repeatedly propositioned her and allegedly yelled “anal sex” in her ear. Weinstein has been terminated from his own company after a landslide of accusations and stories regarding his inappropriate behaviour from the past decades have surfaced.