Tandem Launches First Ever Dating App for Users to Meet Like-Minded Savers, Earners and Spenders – ‘Tander’


Tander, the new dating app by digital challenger bank Tandem hopes to lessen the number of money-related divorces in the UK with its 1st of April launch. Money issues are currently responsible for 22% of divorces according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis, but when a match is made with Tander you will be paired with someone who shares your money mindset from the outset.

Dan Atkinson says, “Experts agree that fully disclosing your financial situation with your significant other before tying the knot is a must, regardless of how uncomfortable it may feel. But why not simply begin on a level playing field? No more outstanding debts, loans, or obligations hidden in the closet.”

The dating app works by monitoring user spending and matching people based on salary, spending and savings habits, encouraging users to be more open about their financial health and find love with their true financial match.

Tandem customer, April Josephs met her current boyfriend John Sloof have used the BETA version of the Tander app.

April says: “We were just so much more relaxed when we went on our first date because we didn’t have to ask each other questions like: are you a big spender or do you prefer to keep within your budget? I already knew John was on the same page as me as we both aim to be on the property ladder in the next two years and put a little money into the savings pot each month. It really takes the stress out of our relationship.”

John adds: “Before I used Tander I was always prone to exaggerating my finances in romantic situations. In the early stages, I’d pay for everything, meals, taxis, holidays even. But soon enough it’d catch up with me and suddenly I’d have to put my spending on lock-down. With Tander, I don’t have to think about money. It matches me with someone with similar attitudes to money and keeps me honest. Now I split the bill!”

Tandem puts its customers’ interests at the heart of everything it does. The bank uses an advanced banking app, financial products, and now a dating app, to help customers succeed in life and love.