Taxify Launches in Lisbon as Uber’s London Licence Wait Continues

Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

A European startup that is hoping to take on Uber and which had its launch in London stopped by regulators in 2017, has launched its services in a new city in Europe.

Taxify has been able to launch its services in Lisbon, Portugal, where the company claims to have signed up over 600 drivers and users amounting to several thousand.

“Lisbon is a growing ride-hailing market with a lot of potential, and we are excited to launch the platform here,” stated Markus Villig, the founder and chief executive of Taxify.

In recent months, the Estonian startup has launched in several new markets including Australia last December and Paris last October. Bloomberg reports that supported by the Didi Chuxing of China, Taxify is also looking for new funding in order to support the expansion of the company.

Taxify was ordered to stop its operations in London last September after the Transport for London (TfL) raised concerns regarding its licence to operate in the capital.

The startup stated that it was forced to acquire another operator in order to acquire a licence, noting the length of time and the little contact with the regulator. It is something that is also experienced by other challengers who are hoping to launch new services in London, raising concerns that competition and innovation are being held back by red tape.

A spokesperson for Taxify informed reporters that it is currently in the process of applying for a new licence. The company is yet to have a time frame regarding the matter. However, it hopes of resuming its operations within a few months.