Teacher Reports Six-Year-Old Muslim Boy with Down’s Syndrome For ‘Terrorism’

Photo via Pearland ISD

A call by a supply teacher to police regarding a six-year-old Muslim boy with Down’s Syndrome led to an investigation of his family for possible terrorism.

Officers started the probe after Mohammad Suleiman, a six-year-old, supposedly continued saying the words “Allah” and “boom” class.

His parents were from the Texan city of Pearland, about 20 miles south of Houston. They have claimed that this cannot be true since “he doesn’t speak at all” and because the child has “the mental capacity of a one-year-old.”

The father of the boy said that the family been through hell after being the subjects of both social services and a police investigation.

Maher Suleiman, the boy’s father informed Fox26 news channel: “The last three or four weeks have been the hardest of my life. My wife and kids were crying a few days ago, and I told them everything is fine.

“Mohammad was born with Down’s Syndrome Chromosome 21. He needs care all the time.”

Suleiman continued: “They claim that he’s a terrorist. This is so stupid, this is discrimination actually. It’s not implied discrimination, it’s a hundred percent discrimination.”

The said teacher was substituting for a regular member of the staff at the CJ Harris Elementary School when he called the police.

A district education authority spokesperson said that it was not able to disclose information on individual students because of laws on privacy.

The Pearland Police Department stated that it has ended its investigation and discovered that there was no need for further action.

However, the Child Protective Services department of the region said that its investigation regarding the matter is still ongoing.