Tech Bureau Japan Releases NEM-Powered ICO Platform, COMSA


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Tech Bureau, a Tokyo-based fintech and cryptocurrency options company, today revealed the launching of COMSA, a total Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising platform developed on the NEM procedure.

COMSA will debut its own ICO, which will be followed by Premium Water Holdings and CAMPFIRE, Inc.– 2 more ICOs slated to introduce on the COMSA platform within the coming months.

Tokens raised from the COMSA token crowd sale will go to Tech Bureau’s future growth, to expand its reach in a quickly growing ICO market. In addition, Tech Bureau prepares to speed up the development of its existing core companies– its own cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif, and its personal blockchain item, mijin. Both Zaif and mijin will be core aspects of the COMSA option.

” COMSA showcases the entire spectrum and adaptability of the NEM blockchain option and how it can help make the ICO procedure more transparent and structured,” commented Lon Wong, President, Foundation.

COMSA will allow trustless deals in native currencies to get rid of the need for 3rd party firms such as escrow services. Any token provided on the COMSA platform will have the ability to incorporate with both the NEM and Ethereum public blockchains.

” COMSA will just produce decentralized tasks with correct use-cases and application to the blockchain world. Existing business entities will not need an ICO to use this platform. They can present their fundraising and blockchain innovation and later develop a strong business design,” commented Takao Asayama, CEO of Tech Bureau, Corp. “COMSA is a one stop shop option for token development and exchange.”