TfL Workers Received Inflation-Busting Pay Increases Amounting to £27m in 2016


Last year, Transport for London workers received inflation-busting pay increases of 3.2 percent, on average.

While most employees from the public sector including nurses, firefighters, and teachers, settled with just 1 percent increases, the other 28,000 or so TfL workers enjoyed substantial surges – usually more than £1,000 on their salary.

Figures that were released by Gareth Bacon, a Conservative London Assembly member, showed the pay increases for the army of London bus drivers, underground workers, as well as lawyers, managers, back office staff, and engineers cost the public purse £27.1 million.

He emphasized that if TfL workers have seen their increases capped like other workers from the public sector, that consolidated pay award would have come in at around £8.5 million.

“It is unfair that TfL should get away with handing staff an inflation-busting pay rise,” Bacon informed some reporters.

“With inflated wage increases on top of its gold-plated pensions, the unions at TfL are pick-pocketing the taxpayer.”

The latest official inflation rate is at 2.9 percent. The figures of Bacon display a Tube station supervisor that is earning £55,848 would have received a raise amounting to £1,787 in 2017, against the average nurse that is earning £31,000, who would have received an increase of £215, according to the latest figures.

Similarly, a Tube driver earned £52,972 in 2017 – a rise of £1,643, against a qualified teacher who would have received £35,451 in 2017 – a £351 increase.

However, mayor Sadiq Khan, a spokesperson for Labour London, scoffed at the claims of outrage of Bacon, insisting that the present four-year pay deal was accepted by the previous Tory administration at the City Hall under Boris Johnson.

The leader of the powerful RMT union, Mick Cash, said that the Tories should be grateful to the TfL workers for helping to keep Londoners safe.

“London’s transport workers are in the front line ‎when it comes to dealing with safety and security on services across the capital,” said the leader.

“They were first responders after Parson’s Green and other terrorist incidents and are delivering round the clock for Londoners.”