The top ten holiday destinations where paying by card is easy as pie


WeSwap, travel money provider and the world’s first peer to peer currency exchange service, has taken a look at its 450,000 strong userbase, along with data on ATM locations and card machines in stores, restaurants and more, to find out the top ten destinations for card usage. According to WeSwap’s research, looking at the proportion of transactions made using card rather than cash, the below destinations are the top ten worldwide for those of us that would rather use debit, credit or prepaid travel cards than carry hundreds of pounds worth of cash.

Top ten destinations for card use

  1. Sweden – 81% of all holiday transactions were made using card
  2. Norway – 77%
  3. Finland – 71%
  4. USA – 71%
  5. Luxembourg – 70%
  6. Denmark – 70%
  7. Czech Republic – 69%
  8. Canada – 69%
  9. Switzerland – 67%
  10. Mexico – 66%

Sweden, Norway and Finland top the list for card use – all three countries are well known for their proclivity for debit and credit cards. Sweden is well on its way to being a cashless society, with “no cash accepted” signs becoming a common occurrence in Swedish stores. Holidaymakers should be aware of this when travelling and not get caught out with plenty of krona but no card to spend it on.

Jared Jesner, CEO of WeSwap:

“Using a prepaid travel card is, put simply, safer and cheaper. In most instances, the exchange rates and commission fees will be much lower when using prepaid travel cards than when exchanging on the high street or at the airport. However, it is important to recognise that not every country is as quick to adopt payment by card and, in some, cash is still the primary method of payment. By identifying the countries where paying by card is easy, holidaymakers can be sure that they won’t get caught out by any surprises when abroad.”