Theresa May: Registration Fee For EU Citizens Living In The UK Waived


In an attempt to win the support of the MPs, Theresa May, the Bristish Prime Minister, announced that citizens of the European Union will no longer need to pay the £65 charge as a registrations free to stay in the United Kingdom after Brexit.

In a speech in the Commons, PM May announced that the fee will be waived after the lobbying by some parliamentarians from across the Commons during the discussions over Brexit.

PM  May initiated the cross-party negotiations after her Brexit deal suffered a historic defeat in Parliament last Tuesday.

Updating the MPs on her Brexit plan in the Commons, the Prime Minister said that the key to getting her deal through parliament was to receive more assurances from the European Union over the backstop plan to make sure that there is no hard-border in Northern Ireland.

She refused to give in to the demands from Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, and others to take a no deal scenario off the table. She said that the only way of doing that was either agreeing on a deal or cancelling Brexit all together.

The British Prime Minister also dismissed the calls for another referendum regarding the issue. She warned that it would damage “social cohesion” across the United Kingdpm.

The main change that PM May will attempt to get to the withdrawal agreement centres on the so-called ‘backstop,’ which locks the United Kinngdom in a customs union with the bloc if no trade deal can be implemented.

She stated: “With regard to the backstop, despite the changes we have previously agreed, there remain two core issues: the fear that we could be trapped in it permanently; and concerns over its potential impact on our Union if Northern Ireland is treated differently from the rest of the UK.”

She added: “So I will be talking further this week to colleagues – including in the DUP – to consider how we might meet our obligations to the people of Northern Ireland and Ireland in a way that can command the greatest possible support in the House.”

She continued: “I will then take the conclusions of those discussion back to the EU.”