Theresa May To Resign Before Next Phase Of Brexit If Deal Is Passed


Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has presented the final desperate card to tame Brexit rebels in her warring party, by promising to sacrifice her premiership if they back her twice-rejected Brexit deal.

The authority of the beleaguered prime minister has been destroyed by the double defeat of her deal and a series of resignations. She tabled the high-stakes offer to Tory backbenchers during a packed meeting in Westminster.

She told the backbench 1922 Committee: “I have heard very clearly the mood of the parliamentary party. I know there is a desire for a new approach – and new leadership – in the second phase of the Brexit negotiations – and I won’t stand in the way of that.”

She stated: “I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party.”

The high-stakes pledge of Theresa May came on yet another dramatic day in Westminster, as both Iain Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson led a stream of Eurosceptics to support PM May’s deal and the Labour Party’s divisions on Brexit were revealed, as three members of the shadow cabinet of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, defied the whip to resist supporting a second referendum.

Also, the DUP threw the chances of PM May of getting her deal through parliament into doubt by announcing its MPs would not support it.

PM May had hoped to stay in Britain’s top job after exit day, and build a legacy that would extended beyond the humiliations of the Brexit negotiations to domestic policy, however, if the withdrawal agreement is passed and the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in eight weeks’ time, she could now be gone before the summer – after only three years in No. 10.

Last Monday, three ministers stepped down from their posts to back an amendment that was tabled by a cross-bench group of MPs who are led by Oliver Letwin, a Tory former minister, to test the backing for alternatives to the deal of the prime minister.