Theresa May: UK Will Not Get Better Offer If Draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Is Voted Down By MPs


British Prime Minister Theresa May has said that the European Union will not “give us a better deal” once the MPs vote down the draft withdrawal agreement that she has negotiated.

When asked what happens if MPs reject the said agreement, she answered: “I think we end up back at square one” with “more uncertainty and more division.”

On a radio phone-in with the BBC, she informed a member of the public: “If we were to go back to the EU they’re not going to come to us and give us a better deal.”

Earlier today, Dominic Raab, the former Brexit secretary who resigned as a protest over the agreement last week, said that he believed that the parliament would vote down the deal in December.

When asked why she had talked about “no Brexit” as well as “no deal” in the past weeks, and whether no Brexit was an option, the Prime Minister answered: “It’s not one of my options.”

She added: “There are some MPs in the House of Commons who want to frustrate Brexit.” However, she said that she was “entirely focused” on getting the deal through.

On the £39 billion divorce bill, a major sticking point among the MPs across parties, she admitted that if the United Kingdom entered into an extended implementation period after the agreed 21 months, the European Union “would ask for more financial contributions.”

However, she added that once the United Kingdom has left the bloc “we’ll no longer be obliged to send vast amounts of money” every year.

PM May took to the radio to signify the beginning of a push to “explain” the merits of the deal to the public. She also said that she will tour the country to do so in the coming weeks.

She is scheduled to head to Brussels tomorrow before a Sunday summit in which the government hopes the EU27 countries will accept the draft agreement.

However, Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s Prime Minister, has repeatedly said that his country will reject the draft Brexit deal unless it makes clear that the discussions regarding the status of Gibraltar will be considered separately.

May state: “We’ve been working with the government of Gibraltar and with the government of Spain to put in some measures that relate to Gibraltar.”