Three Dead In Florida Mass Shooting


Local law enforcement officials disclosed that three people were reported dead and 11 others were injured after a gunman opened fire during a video game tournament that was held last Sunday in Jacksonville, Florida.

The suspected shooter was believed to be David Katz, a 24-year-old who is a resident of Baltimore. Mike Williams, the Jacksonville Sheriff, said during a news conference that he was among those reported to be dead. He added that the authorities did not believe that there were any more suspects. Williams refused to explain a possible motive, however, the Los Angeles Times reported that the shooter was a gamer who competed in the said tournament and lost.

The identities of the victims are not yet disclosed as of writing.

The shooting happened around 1:34 in the afternoon ET at the Jacksonville Landing marketplace that is located in downtown Jacksonville during the Madden 19 Tournament at the GLHF Game Bar that is inside the Chicago Pizza restaurant. On a live stream that originated from the said event, at least a dozen shots could be heard fired.

The said tournament was the first of the four planned qualifier events leading to the Madden finals that was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas this coming October. The publisher of the Madden game franchise and organizer of the events, EA Sports, did not immediately answer to a request for comment regarding what its plans were for the remaining events. The first of the remaining three events is scheduled for next weekend in Dulles, Virginia.

A professional gaming team, CompLexity Gaming, had one of its players at the event. Complexity reported that Young Drini, a Madden player, was grazed in the hand and is away from the scene and is safe already.

CompLexity Gaming tweeted: “An update from the Jacksonville Madden event: There appears to have been a shooting at the event, and @YoungDrini was grazed in the hand. He is away from the scene and safe.”

Drini also posted a tweet tweeted about being thankful for his life following the shooting. He tweeted: “I will never take anything for granted ever again. Life can be cut short in a second.”

On Twitter, a statement expressing its condolences was posted by EA Sports.

EA Sports tweeted: “This is a horrible situation, and our deepest sympathies go out to all involved.”

In an earlier tweet, it said: “We are aware of an incident at a sanctioned Madden Championship Series competition in Jacksonville. We are working with authorities to gather facts at this stage.”