Three People Dead and Dozens Injured After Bus Crash in Prague


Three people have been declared dead after a bus collided with another vehicle near Prague. Firefighters said that a total of 48 people were injured because of the accident.

The crash occurred near a small town to the north-west of the Czech capital called Horomerice. A municipal bus veered off the main road and into a tree after it was hit by a car.

The driver of the car, the bus driver, and a bus passenger died.

Of the people injured, five were said to be in a serious condition – which includes two children. Another ten people were moderately injured because of the accident, and the remaining passengers were able to escape, but they also sustained light injuries.

A spokesperson for the rescue service of Prague, Jana Postova, stated: “Two children sustained head injuries and were put on artificial ventilation and into artificial comas.”

The rescue service of Prague also said that twelve teenagers were among the people injured.

Authorities have already launched an investigation into the cause of the said accident.