Three Will Stop Selling 3G Phones

    By Stratford490 from Wikimedia Commons

    Three, a mobile firm and the first 3G operator in the United Kingdom, is set to stop selling phones that support the pioneering technology that is from the noughties.

    Arriving amid a considerable fanfare way back in 2003, Three tried to shake up the mobile market in the United Kingdom whose innovation at that time only accommodated 2G handsets.

    However, 3G will be no more to the company, as Three will now only stock the phones which support the newer bandwidths – such as the 4G and the soon to be released 5G.

    Three said that the binning 3G sales would help in “further enhancing the customer experience.” It added that the company had “never shied away from breaking industry ‘norms’, especially when it is to the benefit of its customers.”

    Three is owned by Hutchison Whampoa which is based in Hong Kong. Three owned Orange, a UK firm, in the 1990s. The company carries 36 percent of the mobile data of the United Kingdom. Despite the innovative approach of the company, Three has been trailing after the likes of Vodafone, O2, and EE in the fiercely competitive market in the United Kingdom – this is despite witnessing a £10bn takeover deal of O2 that was blocked by the European authorities in 2016.

    Dave Dyson, its UK boss, said that a research that was conducted by Three has revealed that its customers are happy with using all the benefits of the 4G technology.

    He stated: “We recognise that this is a significant milestone for us as a business and for the market, just as the introduction of 3G was at the turn of the century and we are proud to be driving the industry forwards once more,”

    Three said that despite no longer selling 3G handsets, the customers who already had a 3G handset will still be able to use their phones “for many years to come.”