Tim Cook’s Half-Baked Defense of the Mac Mini: This Kit Is Not a Leftover


It has been three years since the tech giant released a major update to the Mac Mini family. However, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, says that it does not mean that the minimalist systems are dead.

Answering an email of an Apple loyalist, the supply-chain-man-turned-Steve-Jobs-corporate-heir stated that the tech giant still has plans to reproduce the Mac Mini, just do not expect to hear about them anytime soon.

“Our customers have found so many creative and interesting uses for Mac Mini,” wrote Cook in his reply to the query of the fan, in a conversation that El Reg has verified.

“While it is not the time to share any details, we do plan for the Mac Mini to be an important part of our product line going forward.”

As the emailed question implies, Apple has not revealed to the public any timeline for a remake of the Mac Mini. In 2017, we saw Cook and Co. reveal updates to the iPad line in March, with a Mac refresh revealed in June at WWDC, and the usual iPhone update, as it has in most recent years, coming in a special event in September.

The Mac Mini, along with the Mac Pro, have not had any major overhaul in years, leading to speculations that Apple had likely given up on those lines in favor of its more profitable and better-selling MacBook laptop and iMac desktops lineup.

Also, Apple’s factories and Cupertino engineers alike have been occupied with meeting the demand for the iOS line of tablets and smartphones that are increasingly taking over tasks that had been traditionally done on desktops.

Though it has not sold in the same numbers as the iMac, the Mac Mini produced a niche for itself as an option for those who opted for a cheap but capable box that ran macOS. ®