Tinder Launches Company-Wide Review to Close Gender Pay Gap


Today, Tinder, the dating app, said that it would be carrying out a comprehensive review of the company’s compensation structure in order to assess pay discrepancies and tackle the gender pay gap.

The firm disclosed that it was “determined to play a bigger role in the fight for gender parity in the workforce,” so it had commissioned a global consulting company to conduct an assessment of their compensation structure.

Tinder said: “Following the assessment, we will reveal findings and encourage other companies to do the same. If any wage discrepancy issues are found, then we will take all necessary steps to promote an equitable compensation programme for all employees in 2018.”

Lately, the gender pay gap has been in the spotlight – the government of the United Kingdom has required all companies that have more than 250 employees to report their data on it by next month.

So far, 1609 companies have published the information of the approximately 9,000 that are required to. Among those, some companies have revealed huge pay gaps. However, a few – such as Majestic Wines and Royal Mail – have revealed that the average pay of their female employees is higher as compared to that of their male employees.

Separately, since the BBC released information regarding its top-earning stars, employees have been seeking the disclosure of all the salaries and benefits for more transparency.

Last January, it surfaced that a raft of women at the BBC were in line for pay increases following a review of on-air salaries, with the report by PwC saying that it had discovered “no evidence of gender bias” in the pay decision-making. However, it had noted some “anomalies that need addressing.”