The Today Programme Featured Prince Harry, Barack Obama, Demis Hassabis, and Prince Charles


    This morning, the Today programme of BBC Radio 4 shook things with a guest presenter, as Prince Harry was brought in to take the airwaves.

    The royal, who is newly-engaged, interviewed Barack Obama, the former US President, and Demis Hassabis, an AI expert, and also had a conversation with Prince Charles, his own father.

    This is what the Prince spoke to his guests about:


    The ex-world leader said that one of the things that he misses most when it comes to his old job is “the fact that I didn’t use to experience traffic. I used to cause traffic – much to the consternation of any place that I was visiting,” quipped Obama.

    On the subjects of trolling, cyberbullying, and fake news, Obama stated: “One of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities. They can be just cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases. One of the things that I think, I discovered even back in 2007/2008 is a good way of fighting against that is making sure that online communities don’t just stay online. That they move offline.

    “And what I mean by that is that I think social media is a really powerful tool for people of common interests to convene and get to know each other and connect but then it is important for them to get offline, meet in the pub. Meet at a place of worship, meet in a neighbourhood and get to know each other because the truth is that on the internet everything is simplified and when you meet people face to face it turns out they are complicated.”

    The former President of the United States also sounded a note of optimism regarding the state of the world looking into the coming year.

    “All the problems that we face are solvable. Despite all the terrible news that you see. Despite all the genuine cruelty and pain and hardship that people are experiencing around the world at any given moment of any given day,” said Obama.

    “If you had to choose a moment in human history in which you want to be born and you didn’t know ahead of time if you were going to be Prince Harry or Barack Obama or a small child in rural Africa or India you’d choose today because the fact is that the world is healthier, wealthier, better educated, more tolerant, more sophisticated and less violent than just about any time in human history.”