Tougher Rules On Alcohol For Pilots Imposed By Japan Airlines


Japan Airlines is set to introduce a new breathalyser test that is intended for its pilots abroad following the arrest of one of its pilots for being drunk at the Heathrow Airport last October.

Katsutoshi Jitsukawa was nearly ten times over the legal limit of the United Kingdom for the alcohol consumption of a pilot when a breathalyser test that was conducted in London discovered that he had 189mg per 100ml of his blood in his system – the limit imposed by the United Kingdom is only 20mg.

The pilot is just the most recent one from Japan Airlines to have been found to be intoxicated. It comes after a series of flights that had been delayed because the pilots of the company were intoxicated.

In Japan, there is no legal limit set to the amount of alcohol that a pilot can drink, however, airlines are expected to enforce limits of consumption on their pilots.

The spokesperson of the firm disclosed that there have also been 19 cases of pilots from the airlines having failed the alcohol test of the company since August of last year, which had caused 12 flights to be delayed and seven others to have some replacement crew come in.

In a statement that was released by Japan Airlines, it stated: “The company takes this violation seriously, as safety remains our utmost priority, and sincerely apologizes to all affected by the employee’s actions.”

The new measures that will be imposed by the company will see them launch new breathalyser systems at various overseas airports. Penalties will also be imposed “for flight crew violating the regulated alcohol concentration level.”

They will also prohibit their pilots from drinking 24 hours prior to flying and all of the new procedures will be introduced globally by the 19th of November, even though they already have been at Heathrow.