Toyota Adds CarPlay to New Car Models


Various car manufacturers have entered the modern era by adopting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or both, but not Toyota. The company insisted on going its own way, and that has normally meant skipping its cars entirely if the user cared about smartphone integration. Thankfully, the automaker has already seen the light. The 2019 Avalon and its future models (including the Lexus vehicles) with an Enform 2.0 system or Entune 3.0 will finally support Apple CarPlay, letting the user use the more sophisticated apps from their iPhone instead of settling with limited built-in features. CarPlay will be a standard on all the Avalon trim levels when the sedan goes on sale in the market in late spring, even though that is no guarantee it will be a standard on the other models.

A spokesperson informed MacRumors that CarPlay would initially be limited to models that are available in the United States and that there will be no wireless option. Also, there is no mention regarding Android Auto. If users carry an Android phone, they will have to make use of the Avalon’s Alexa voice control and smartwatch support. However, the users do get a WiFi hotspot feature and Qi wireless charging.

Toyota has not outlined the pricing for the Avalon. However, its role as the flagship sedan of Toyota suggests that it would not be trivial. As such, the car giant is not quite going toe-to-toe with smartphone-friendly rivals such as Volkswagen or Honda, which offer CarPlay and Android Auto across a wide range of its designs. It will be a while before the users can get a seamless smartphone interface in their new Corolla. Even so, it is good to know that the said feature is at least on the horizon — thus, this closes a gaping hole and lets the users focus their buying decision more on driving style and dynamics than on in-car technology.