Toyota Set to Build New Auris Car at UK Plant as A Brexit Boost for PM May


Photo by d3ims/Flickr

On Wednesday, confirming a previous report from Reuters, Toyota revealed that the company will build the next generation of its Auris car in England as a welcome boost to Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, as Britain withdraws from the European Union,

In a statement, the company said that the carmaker from Japan will produce its new Auris hatchback at Burnaston, Derbyshire, taking the place of the current run of the model that is made there.

Some Sources informed Reuters last year that Toyota is planning to build the model in the United Kingdom on the assumption that the ministers will secure a transitional Brexit deal that is designed to maintain the current trading conditions until the end of 2020, at least.

The Japanes automaker said that free trade was important for the future.

In Wednesday’s statement, Johan van Zyl, the President and CEO of Toyota Europe, said: “With around 85 percent of our UK vehicle production exported to European markets, continued free and frictionless trade between the UK and Europe will be vital for future success.”

Greg Clark, the Business minister, hailed the announcement and said that the automotive sector of Britain was one of the most productive in the world. He added: “This government will continue work to create the best possible environment.”

Various carmakers fear that in the absence of the right Brexit deal, the factories of their companies could be subject to trade barriers and tariffs, adding to costs and putting the long-term viability of sites at risk.

According to industry data, the Burnaston plant of Toyota churned out 144,000 models in 2017, down by 20 percent from that of 2016 as the company’s current line-up of models aproached the end of their product life cycle.

According to a source who is familiar with the situation, almost one in five of the said cars were the Avensis models/ The company did not comment regarding the future of the model in its statement that was released on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Toyota later refused to speculate or comment on the Avensis.