Toys R Us is Hiring Temporary Workers To Keep Stores Looking Full

Photo by Mike Mozart from Flickr

A week ago, the iconic toy store announced that it would be liquidating all of its 735 stores in Puerto Rico and the United States. Now, it has posted dozens of temporary positions on its website in order to recruit employees to work in their stores during the liquidation process of the company.

On Wednesday, additional five postings were added. The company were looking for cashiers and sales assistants across the stores of Toys R Us and Babies R Us.

In a job description for the position of sales assistant, candidates were informed that part of their responsibilities would include “keeping the store looking full.”

After being cited on Twitter by Abha Bhattarai, a Washington Post reporter, the description was changed subsequently to: “Helping to maintain a neat, shoppable store.”

The toy retailer did not immediately answer to the request for comment of Business Insider or confirm how the new employees would be paid.

The job description did not specify how long the contract is for. In the dozens of job profiles that were checked, all were advertised to be part-time positions.

According to Reuters, the closure of the two retailer chains risks to place 30,000 jobs in the United States. More than 3,000 people could lose their jobs in the United Kingdom.

The closure of the toy retailer has also created huge issues for vendors who are kept in limbo, not knowing whether they will be paid for the merchandise that is stuck on trucks and ships.

Experts say that some of the smaller vendors will possibly go bankrupt because of this.