Tracey Emin sends Brexit message with train station artwork

Photo via Artforum

Tracey Emin, an artist, is addressing the upcoming Brexit with her most recent public artwork that is suspended from the ceiling of the St. Pancras Station in London.

The neon message measures approximately 20-meter (65-foot). It read: “I want my time with you.” The artwork was revealed on Tuesday at the station, terminus for the trains of Eurostar between London and continental Europe.

Emin says that his artwork was inspired by the romance of being met at the end of a train journey. However, he also said that it is also “a great subliminal message” declaring “I want my time with Europe.”

Emin stated: “It’s really a great subliminal message sent out to the rest of Europe, I want my time with you.”

She continued: “I am deeply, deeply concerned about Europe, and that in a year’s time we’re going to be a tiny little island just floating around in the North Sea. It’s madness.”

She wished that the thousands of travellers that are arriving every day by Eurostar from the mainland Europe into the soaring 19th-century station will be able to read her words.

Emin is one of the “Young British Artists” who emerged onto the art scene during the 1990s. She is 54 years old and is renowned for her provocative and confessional art.